Idaho's Dig Law

Current Idaho Statute

KCUC is responsible for the locating of underground utility lines in Kootenai County Idaho. These utilites include electric, gas-oil-steam, commnications-CATV, water, sewer, temporary survey markings and proposed excavation.

With the huge investment that all Utilities have in underground infrastructure, it is vitally important that you call us prior to digging on any project, large or small.  Call's free!
Protecting Utilities in Kootenai County SInce 1995

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Kootenai County has switched one call providers!  One Call Concepts is the new provider and can be found at

2022 Spring State UCC Meeting will be held on April 27th and 28th at Intermountain Gas in Boise!  For more info call          Bob Chandler at        (208) 691-3428
Rules & Statutes for Idaho Dig Law

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