The Kootenai County Utilities Council is cordially inviting all local public utilities as well as area contractors to become active members of the Utilities Council. This Council promotes the proper use of subsurface utility locate procedures mandated by the state of Idaho under the Dig Law. By joining the Council you can help us get the word out and help reduce or prevent accidental and unnecessary utility damage.

Just what will I get from joining the Utilities Council? For a very modest annual dues fee, you will receive ample literature describing how the locate process works and what the marks on the ground actually mean.

You can receive the following promotional items for each of your service vehicles, construction equipment and offices to help remind your employees to call for and observe locates and accompanying regulations.

* Bumper Stickers
* Key Chains
* Carpenters Pencils
* Magnetic Dash Decals
* Trifold Pamphlets
* Color Code Cards

The Council can provide the following services;

            * On site training for larger groups of employees,

            * Informational access to regional and nation wide meetings and correspondence,

            * Access to various underground and utility magazine subscriptions,

            * A monthly forum for talking about recurring problems and/or possible improvements to the system,

            * Assistance with dealing with persons or businesses who routinely will not comply with the Dig Law.

            * If you are an underground utility, the Council is there to protect your utility. Our job is to educate and inform the public, contractors,               and other utilities of the importance of the underground locating of utilities. Help us to help you preserve and protect your             underground utility.

            * If you are a contractor, join the Council to have input that will directly help your company perform your job better, more efficiently,             and safely. Safety is everyone's job, and belonging to the Utility Council is a way that you can educate and inform your employees of             the proper process for locating of underground utilities. Your company's input to the Council can help all contractors and utilities work             together safely.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please submit an application to the Council at:

Kootenai County Utilities Council
P.O. Box 1031 
Hayden, ID 83835

or e-mail us at KCUC
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